About Greg

Hello, I'm Greg!

I am a casual person, easy going, and always excited about talking Entrepreneurship.

I'm known for my honesty, integrity, and collegiality - characteristics that are often missing in modern society. Usually welcome, not always appreciated!

But it quickly exposes the fakes and those with ulterior motives and their own agenda ...

Have you ever received “advice” and later learned that it either was “generic/canned” and wasn’t really for you?

There are a lot of UN-authentic people out there that either innocently just don’t know any better (happens way too often) or really are not paying attention to YOU – to what your wants, needs, and dreams are …

I like to share everything from my daily routines and adventures to my thoughts and feelings on the latest trends and issues.

Dr. Greg Watson


Academic Advising

Wait - isn't this supposed to be about Entrepreneurship? Yes - But that "Dr." in front of my name Dr. Greg Watson means that I am also passionate about your education and training. And there is a lot of conflicting information out there - Go To College/Don't Go To College, there is even an infamous celebrity entrepreneur who "paid" people to not go to college and instead to either start a business or go to work for a startup. Here at AskGreg.com I can't answer those one-on-one personal questions - but often a question that is relevant to you is also meaningful to hundreds of thousands of others ... so send me your questions!


So I have an Idea ...

Every family has that "armchair TV remote clicking uncle" that yells at the television infomercials ... "I Thought of That Idea 20 Years Ago First" ... the reality is that just about every idea you might have, hundreds, possibly thousands or more other people have also thought of the exact same idea! So what makes an entrepreneur? The difference is the entrepreneur seeks out the customer that has the problem, determines what solution the customer wants solved, and then figures out how they can solve that problem. The key then is execution - and the person running that infomercial on TV went through those steps and executed. So can you be an entrepreneur? Absolutely! You simply have to decide whether you are going to sit on sidelines and be an armchair TV remote clicker and watch as others execute or whether you are going to go out there and talk to real customers, figure out what their real pain/problem is, create a solution they want and are willing to pay for, and then execute.


Becoming an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs come from all walks of life - rich, poor, old, young, well educated, and street smart ... there is no single criteria that determines who is an entrepreneur. The key is identifying that real customer problem, identifying the solution, determining your capacity and capability to execute that solution, and here is an important final characteristic - how big is the market? How many customers are there out there that want this solution and are willing and able to pay?

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